Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The greater number of our very own superior population will live life by the rules which made us so in the first place... the instinct of selfishness, personal gain and victory. We are Alpha and Omega, we can create and destroy anything we desire. And in all things accompanied by the undying personal trait buried deep in all of us to mindlessly glide through life with the exhaustive disregard of human acquaintance, companionship and influence in order to float from A to B.
Build, Destroy and Gain...The rotton philosophy of our earth. Regardless of our aim or our destination, there is one sole event that will alter the individual journey of each of us... The accidental and sometimes serendipitous introduction to the people we meet along the way. The souls with whom we commune at our darkest and brightest moments, allowing the advice, opinions, and at times the simple viewing of a persons qualities and values to determine a decision in our own world.
There will most undoubtedly come a time when the abundant burdens of our own handcrafted oppressions will force us into the darkest cavity of the human mind, the lightless corners in our subconcious we never dreamed of dwelling, even with the aid of Earths foul, forceful hand.
If love is the Light of Christ, where would you rather be? But when one has fallen so immersed in the shadowed depression. where can you turn? when the lights are off, where do you step?
There is only one thing my lowly words can suggest to overcome the cavernous obstacle before you when this harrowing event will occur. Seek out that light, in each of us, every soul, every creature, every living organism that has and will ever take but one step on this earth contains within them that light, Seek out that light and in turn, shine that light. Never stop. The light that when used correctly can glow so radiently, reaching and irradicating the depths of human doubt. only through those we meet, those we hold on to, those exmaples we hold so dear. Only through the souls we come to meet and know can we bask in the light, when you turn your back to sun, you stand in your own shadow. Face the warmth of Creation head on. and in turn, radiate it unto others, unto those who are at the edge, silently peering into thier own shadows, you may never know, but you may never know if your light could have saved them if they just had the chance to see it.

"Friends come and go, but for the rare few you should hold on" - Baz Luherman


Candy said...

I don't know how you do it but you do it so well. I really like how this made me think and feel. Its not just the structure or the range of your voccabulary that impresses me, its the content of your blogs. You have an understanding and an enlightened insight far greater than i ever give you credit for. I'm in awe of who you are, behind blue eyes. x x

Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoy reading your post's, though sometimes the clauses or sentences don't always mesh the idea's are interesting and provocative. I like how encouraging you are in your conclusions, in this post encouraging all the turn to God.
Personally I feel more optimistic of who and what the human race are, I see where you're coming from, your thought process, but I feel the human race is more generous and less selfish and wants to give more. In my travels and interaction I have seen more selflessness than selfishness. I believe that although the natural man is God's enemy, the natural spirit, which is in all of us, or in other words, the spirits nature, is God's ally and desires us to do good. Remember, we all have the potential to be Divine as much as we have a potential to be Undivine, it's about the one or the other.
Thanks for posting, it's enjoyable to read and you have some Theo-philosophical ideas which have decent avenues of exploration-ever thought about studying philosophy at university?
Look forward to your next post!

Layla said...

I loved this post. Really really loved it. I do have to agree with you on your thought about the human race. I feel at times that people can be very selfish or tend to distance themselves away from others, but in time of crisis, people have a sense of urgency to help. It's pretty amazing.

I miss you! You are quite incredible :)

Anonymous said...

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