Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Tip For The Future...

'If I could offer you one tip for the future'..... My advice would be simply to follow your feet. When you come to a crossroads don't just stand at the pinpoint of decisions and second guessing, just begin to walk. Instead of undertaking the provoking surroundings of indecision and the so called 'advice' of people who have 'been there'...just put one foot in front of the other, and walk toward nothing. Disregard the aim, remove the goal, enjoy the journey.
We all have this mindset in which we must always be looking forward to our next destination, planning and ensuring our arrival to this future state. But in the savings and goal making...We forget to just look around, to stop and look at the flowers, discover the smells in the air of a new environment. To watch the trees as they dance in the wind, happily doing nothing but existing..until their time comes. Embrace the sun beating upon your shoulders as you progress further along the broken road, watch out for potholes but NEVER look back. When you look to the left and see a less travelled path leading to the place your heart desires....follow it.
Journey with the cracks in the sun soaked ground and discover. discover the sights you may never have seen otherwise. Meet the people, Laugh with the children, taste the hospitality of the inhabitants and the surroundings themselves. hear the wind that you never heard before because never before have you been to this place. The next time you have a doubt, a fear, a slight second guess, promise me you'll cast them out. Cast them out, slip on your shoes with the broken soles and loose stitching and just take a running jump, jump over the fence and run through the grass... because you can! because life is too short to live with an empty photo album, to live with a box of memories with only a birth certificate inside....Fill it with shells from your favourite beach. Fill it with a memento of remembrance from the unforgettable night with a new friend. Fill it with keepsakes and reminders.
The wish i would never make is for a life of regrets and of just being 'content' Happy! be excited! dare to dare and dare to dream! Say what you want to say and go where you want to go, because when we take that leap...we end up somewhere we have never been before, a new circumstance, a new dilemma, a new challenge. a new opportunity. And as time goes on....just our existence proves we've made the right decision. There is no negative consequence to spontaneity. our time lines are thin and we are living in the present. don't hold back...there is nowhere to go but forward. Follow your nose, Follow your feet...Follow your heart.

Promise me you will.