Friday, 20 August 2010


Sometimes all you want is to be alone, but to feel that there is something around you, something of body and purpose to just fill the space between you and your surroundings. To be the entity surrounding you and encasing you from the world itself, adding a different dynamic, a different sound. When the rain falls you are never alone, to feel of its touch on your face, to witness its trail from beyond the front door, reaching into the tiles of home. The rain sits on the fence, it's not for you, or for the woman standing idle with no umbrella wishing she had watched the news, it is its own self, falling from greater heights than you can imagine because it simply has nowhere else to go but land onto the surface of each of our worlds, creating something that was never there before, that rippled reflection in the puddle that surrounds your feet, the unwavering path of its descent right before your eyes. Sometimes you need to walk alone yet still feel the interaction from something who isn't there, something that can be seen, heard and felt.
Often when indoors, when I hear the beating upon the floor, the ripples on the asphault, I throw on my biggest warmest coat, struggle into my wellington boots and stand amongst the tree's, just to hear something new, something other than traffic, music, people....but the melody and the rythmn of the rain cascading through the leaves above my head.
When it rains, the world changes. Conversation is sparked between strangers on a bus stop, "what awful weather we're having!" they'll say...but still.....friendships were made.
When it rains the world is kind, sharing the canopy of a nearby store, the free newspaper to cover your head from the man who saw you struggling to stay dry. People cram into stores, cafe's, museum's all to avoid the rain falling outside, but instead have been pushed into forcing bonds with one another, all sealed in the common enemy outside......the rain.
When raindrops fall there is always someone to talk to.
When raindrops fall there is always someone to listen to, and when raindrops fall....there is always something to aid in the struggle to feel alive.
When you next hear the beating upon empty cobble roads, throw on your biggest, warmest coat, struggle into your wellington boots.....and just listen.