Monday, 11 January 2010

For The Greater Good?

When all you are......When each concentrated particle of your unabridged being defies all nature, when your deepest unpublished thoughts and emotions venture beyond the realms of all you believe in, all you've known, all your heart and soul can even dare to comprehend. When your solemn desire goes against all that you know is good, against all sense of immortal bliss, what do you do? what should you do?
The generic collective of the uneducated and daydreaming world will all tell you the same archetypal, matter-of-course answer. They'll tell you "just be yourself", "no regrets" "be who you are".
Do not hang onto these words for too long, neglect to attend the unveiling of thier meaning, because simply, they're wrong.
When the goodness of your belief defies all comprehendable knowledge, when through the fog of the worlds goodly possessions you see one thing, one aim, one goal. You must do all that is within your capabilities intelligence to reach it, but when so involved? when every fibre of your being is tangled in the fabric of reasons why it is unattainble, beyond the reach of your outstretch fingertips there is only one end result, one thing you can do.........Change.
My message, tho tangible and admittedly somewhat pretentious is simple and should clearly be understood. If you wish to love, live, laugh and exist in a manner against spiritual tradition.....Dont! Using respectfuly every last drop, bar none of determination and willpower is the sacrifice bestowed upon you to perform and without reserve the least you could do. A life of loneliness is the least you could do. A life of seclusion is the least you could do. if you truly crave to reach the height rquirement to eventually enter into true happiness, this IS the least you could do.
Believe me, i join in falling in line and taking up arms with those of you who share this calling to overcome and undertake.......Because that's what it will take.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Family: My Proclamation

Family. The people we are sent here to be raised by, the sculptors of our future, of ourselves, of everything we are and will become. the ones we are sealed to, pre-planned and pre-destined. those we "chose" to become our protector, benefactor, friend. The guides weve been given on our path of personal development and growth.
Although......What were you thinking!? what were we all thinking? when calculating pro's and con's what was our focus? what source were we given during this "test" to help us mould and perfect our individual decisions from?. The evidence of who these people were to become, who they are, what they were, who they would have been.....or who they truly are in thier which thier soul lies. When the decay of the world gives up the battle, when theres nothing left, stripped bare of agency, there lies the truth of a persons being. when the pureness of white blinds our view of emotion, throught the veil, then will we see who these people truly are? From that moment did we make our decision?
As this question may be merely trivial to some, think of those who may sincerely consider this thought, those who find the task to obtain happiness in the home a daunting mountain simply not worth climbing, that they may have seen crumble one too many times. those who when surrounded by family, have no-one to turn to, no-one to confide in, no-one to delve into the deepest domain of emotion and trust. these are the people who ask this question.
One thing we all fail to realise is that your parents are not yor parents, your father is not your father. your father/mother/brother/sister are all simply the flickering, faded lights that remain of the beacon they once were, and may one day live to become. Like moths to a flame the beacons you so eagerly left your perfect expanse to be in the prescence of... your family. these people, as all of us also, have been victims to the benumbed world that awaits just beyond your front door, subject to the choices of others who scar and create the ripples in the waters of our own indivudual lives, that sooner or later will reach our shores or the tip of our tongue to continue on that vicious circle.
For myself i find my happiness and my domains reached when in the prescence of friends, far and near. until the time comes when divine reason allows me to obtain the chance to meet these people, my family, unmasked and untainted, the immaculte beings i came here in search of who i have not yet found. Until then i live in and through the companions that i followed my feet to find, my only examples, my representations of all i can become, My friends.

Friday, 1 January 2010

A New Years Resolution.

2010 . . . So much anticipation and excitement for this numerical advance in time, that so many desperately hold onto for a new beginning, a clean slate, hoping that stating this number as present will lead to an increase of willpower, determination and self belief. Things that should never have been forgotton and never be prolonged.
Amongst my thoughts of personal traits and abilities to change and develop i came to the conclusion of one minor detail......what's the point? The realisation came to me that if a person cannot control thier actions or emotions for the remaining 364 days of the year, what supernatural force conjured on the 1st of January gives them the motivation to do so? As the human race we live day by day, week by week and despite the number written on your bank statements, till reciepts or in the corner of your computer screen we will always be subject to animal instinct, desire, greed, jelousy no number or figure of recorded time can change that, no year is "new" year. Same timeline, same slow, inferior hosts to the souls we possess.
To make the concious decision to change ones self, or qualities in that person is a choice that need not wait for a date in time, a pin pointed split second where the universe pauses and just for a moment, everything is pure, clean and perfect. Where there's no going back. Growth has no patience and if ignored, the opportunity will pass. before habit and the tempation to wait draw near, make the change. Wether it be mentally, spiritually or that of the world, 12 O'Clock december 31st is not the time to do so, now is the time, now is always the time, even now. . . . or now!
My New Years Resolution is to turn from making one. to have a resolution always in heart. 2010 will not bring happiness, it will not be a perfect year full of friendship, of laughter. History repeats itself, and we as a people make mistakes, we WILL fall, in one way or another, the one thing we can control is how quickly we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue to follow and believe in your new state of mind. Remember why you made these choices, always remember your inspiration. your goal.
I pray that i too can do the same.

Enjoy "2010".... see you at the finish line.