Saturday, 26 December 2009

Coming home for Christmas

A wise man once said "Home is where the hearts is." Another also said "wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas" and through feelings of Guilt for my intrusion and Inadequacy for their kindness, this is what i came to feel and know as i spent Christmas this year with a family now close to my heart.
The focus was not for gifts or material gain, but for togetherness and tradition, For the true meaning of Christmas who so many forget. Not only the birth of our Prince of Peace but for the precious memories this rare occasion allows us to create. to strengthen friendships and to strengthen faith, Simply to forget the world in order to feel safe, loved and secure.
As i woke Christmas Morning to the unexpected and unnecessary yet greatly appreciated wrapped thoughts waiting by the fireplace i was shocked by the level of Selflessness this family possessed. The Bridgwaters, every one an inspiration, for their personal value of family respect. for the respect of tradition and giving.
Christmas 2009 will be one to remember, imprinted on my still honoured soul for the opportunity to spend this moment in their home and in their company. I am eternally grateful.
Tho now it is the day after Christmas, and i find myself desolate as the world gathers in the company of friends and family, i am content in the thoughts of yesterdays happiness.
Merry Christmas people of 2009, those who are here and those yet to come who have not yet felt the magic of this season, may future years reveal to you its true meaning.

- Abi Bridgwater Photography (c)