Monday, 11 January 2010

For The Greater Good?

When all you are......When each concentrated particle of your unabridged being defies all nature, when your deepest unpublished thoughts and emotions venture beyond the realms of all you believe in, all you've known, all your heart and soul can even dare to comprehend. When your solemn desire goes against all that you know is good, against all sense of immortal bliss, what do you do? what should you do?
The generic collective of the uneducated and daydreaming world will all tell you the same archetypal, matter-of-course answer. They'll tell you "just be yourself", "no regrets" "be who you are".
Do not hang onto these words for too long, neglect to attend the unveiling of thier meaning, because simply, they're wrong.
When the goodness of your belief defies all comprehendable knowledge, when through the fog of the worlds goodly possessions you see one thing, one aim, one goal. You must do all that is within your capabilities intelligence to reach it, but when so involved? when every fibre of your being is tangled in the fabric of reasons why it is unattainble, beyond the reach of your outstretch fingertips there is only one end result, one thing you can do.........Change.
My message, tho tangible and admittedly somewhat pretentious is simple and should clearly be understood. If you wish to love, live, laugh and exist in a manner against spiritual tradition.....Dont! Using respectfuly every last drop, bar none of determination and willpower is the sacrifice bestowed upon you to perform and without reserve the least you could do. A life of loneliness is the least you could do. A life of seclusion is the least you could do. if you truly crave to reach the height rquirement to eventually enter into true happiness, this IS the least you could do.
Believe me, i join in falling in line and taking up arms with those of you who share this calling to overcome and undertake.......Because that's what it will take.

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Anonymous said...

Well young man,

It seems you have been blessed with the ability to write!

Keep going!

I'll be reading.