Thursday, 25 November 2010


Sometimes you meet someone, in a foreign place, you do not know them, you do not see them, yet you see their works and their kindness, their gift of charity toward you and the people around you. And no matter where you are, which island your footsteps share or which lands you each call home, one word translates perfecty, "Thank you". The gift of showing gratitude for a persons efforts and hard work cannot be re-directed or construed by barriers of language or the difference in times of which each others suns will set.
I myself not so long ago experienced the joy of offering my thanks to a caring and charitable person who offered her time to her piers and created an experience they would never have otherwise had. Solely due to her reaction and her returning in giving thanks for being noticed for her efforts, the smile she wore so wide flew from hers to mine in an instant. Is there a better feeling?
As we slowly but surely edge toward a season infamous for its ability to change a man's heart toward charity and to giving, what better time than the present to offer up your own gift in thanks to the ones around you who silently deserve it. The ones who do so to steal the smile from another, and to wear it as proud as they had once before.
Write it, say it, send it in a bottle, give it wrapped in ribbons and a bow.

Just make it heard.

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